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Meet Our Cast
Get to know the Fools via this 2013 video that offers rare footage and insights from cast and fans!
Dalton Elliot The Fuchsia Fool
Performed 2018 - Present
Daltonís realistic and relatable approach to characters, as well as his pragmatic and artistic approach to performance as a craft, make him an invaluable member of the team. Fools
Maria Aragon The Vermillion Fool
Performed 2016 - Present
Disappearing into each performance with unparalleled commitment, Maria is uniquely dedicated to fully inhabiting improvised worlds. Fools
Liz Favreau The Sage Fool
Performed 2017 - Present
With a consistently charismatic approach to her characters, Liz is possibly the most charming member of the cast. Fools
Bringing sexy back to improv, Hilary dives into her roles with comedic aplomb - from bitchy folk singer to drunken debutante. Fools
Jamie Pederson The Ginger Fool
Performed 2009 - Present
Jamie's acting, music, and even dance play a part in making him the most all-around natural Fool. Fools
Josh Hird The Maroon Fool
Performed 2008 - Present
Josh's sardonic tongue and wry wit make him the ideal straightman, critic, or cynic for any occasion. Fools
Esa Hakkarainen The Periwinkle Fool
Performed 2008 - Present
Esa's trademark free-form, dreamlike satirical humor is unmatched by anyone else in or out of Fools Play. Fools
Steve Smith The Lavender Fool
Performed 2015 - 2018
Steve brings the kind of oddball eccentrics one used to associate with the David Letterman program onto the stage in improvised form. Retired
Jake Ynzunza The Pink Fool
Performed 2007 - 2008
Jake's love for pro wrestling elevated the troupe's physical comedy. His larger than life characters make a big impact on audiences, too. Retired
Taisha McFall The Jade Fool
Performed 2005 - 2012, 2014
Taisha trail blazed by playing characters beyond the typical roles reserved for women in comedy, and with sharing her personal self through her humor. Retired
Nathan Geyer The Orange Fool
Performed 2002 - 2003; 2009 - 2012
Nathan delighted audiences with his musical chops and fun stage presence through two separate runs. Let's hope for a third! Retired
Mike Tanner The Green Fool
Performed 2000 - 2004
Mike T brought a caustic wit to the stage that the audience loved, even when they were the target. Retired
Chris Harris The Purple Fool
Performed 1993 - Present
The best straightman or the funniest comic relief character in any scene, Chris is the heart of the show. Fools
Geoff Gibbs The Yellow Fool
Performed 1993 - 2014
Geoff is the driving force behind Fools Play performing improvised music. He also brings incredible physicality to the show. Retired
Ed Gibbs The Red Fool
Performed 1993 - 2006
One of the founders of Fools Play, Ed is known for intelligent humor and intense characters. Retired
Mike Harris The Blue Fool
Performed 1993 - Present
The man who can host the show while spinning sophisticated narratives in the scenes, Mike is a Fools Play anchor. Fools
Benevolence The Rainbow Fool
Performed 2007 - Present
A "Virtual Fool" who can interact in scenes by spouting off any of his several hundred preprogrammed, audience-generated phrases. Misc
Laramie Lundy The Olive Fool
Performed 2014 - Present
Laramie's nice-guy persona makes him the ultimate foil for every comic situation. Fools
Kalum Clark The Teal Fool
Performed 2013 - 2014
Kalum delivered off the wall characters and bizarre situations without ever losing his cool. Retired
Andre Hill The Crismon Fool
Performed 2013 - Present
A likable guy with a great imagination, Andre adds a touch of everything to the show. Fools
You Ambassador From Improv Heaven
Visiting since 2010
A friend and ally of the troupe. When he's staying on Earth, he often crashes on the Purple Fool's couch. Misc
The Golden and Dark Fools
Performed 2007 - 2010
Ancient forces of improvised good and evil, these two battled it out onstage. Misc