Improvising for 25 Years
The pandemic has put all shows on hold until further notice. Fools Play will return when possible. In the meanwhile, stay safe and enjoy memories of your favorite Fools Play moments and performances.
* Improvised Sketch Comedy *
Join the fun with Fools Play Improv
The Fools present an epic comedy variety show featuring a combination of short and longer improv selections. It's all presented by a talented cast who are endlessly passionate about providing ridiculous characters, stories, situations and music in a completely original production.

Many of the Fools have been performing together for years. They present a tight and precise form of entertainment full of original, improvised material that has to be seen to be believed.

Don't miss the fun in Olympia!
* Longform Improvised Stories *
Fun and fearless improvised stories with Fools Play Improv
The cast of Fools Play has two rules: Have Fun, and Don’t Be Afraid. They take those rules and perform two longform improvised stories full of characters, drama, and humor. For 20-40 minutes, during each story, inspired by each other and you, we get to inhabit the lives of characters in worlds familiar or strange for an epic journey or an intimate glimpse. Entirely improvised, we never know what will happen, but we do know we love discovering these stories.

No two stories are ever the same and infinite new stories are just waiting to be found.

Material is unscripted and uncensored. Recommended for mature-minded audiences.